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Well, don't say I haven't tried.

Turns out the lousy network connection at home was a modem problem, which died yesterday and somebody came by this morning and fixed it. Alas we just bought a new router trying to improve the situation too...

And then I was browsing my usual online haunts with my phone and its 3G network, and was going to say that the QWERTY keyboard good for mobile 'net access.

But LJ Mobile ate my post.

Ah well. Not like I really use LJ on the go much anyway, and even less for posting, so nevermind. *shrugs*

Good day :-)
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Can't open Gmail in my computer. Can go to Google Account login page, but not the Gmail login page, and even if I'm in, can't get to Gmail.

Used my phone for Gmail Mobile and it was okay... What's going on? > <"

(Might not be Gmail's problem - home network is a bit dodgy lately; haven't tried with school computer yet... so I can't be sure.)

[ETA: Maybe it's not even the network (though it is still dodgy), but IE's problem - I can go to Gmail alright on FireFox. Cleared IE's browser history and cookies on Boy's advice, and added Google to trusted sites for good measure, and after closing and reopening the browser, things work again... Still don't know what did the trick, but so long as there's no further problem ^_^;;;]
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Bought a new Lenovo P90W (black) phone (sorry I can't seem to find any updated intro in English... Just scroll down for pictures~).

It was a bit of an impulse buy, because while I do need a new phone (my previous keeps turning itself off at random times), I did only just discovered the Lenovo baby yesterday afternoon. For HK$1680, the QWERTY keyboard is way more attractive than the Samsung NORi which has dropped into the same price range.

So I went to the shops to play with the samples, and then got myself a new phone. But as I tried to shift contact list, etc. over...

It is the most user-UNfriendly mobile phone I've ever used. Some things, like the firm vertical flip hinge, are good in theory but inconvenient in practice. Some things, like the Contacts list that keeps throwing me to the very top after I've edited someone's info, are just plain stupid -- my Contacts list is 200-long, and I have to scroll all the way down to edit the next person? (Well, I can search; but it's beside the point.) Remember I have to set ringtone one-by-one for 50+ people. It was beyond annoying.

... What can I say, Lenovo didn't build its business making phones.

Anyway, I don't hate it enough to go right out and resell it, although it was considered. Once set (and it was hours of button-jabbing), this baby just takes a LOT of getting used to. Some of the settings are just not intuitive, and most of the inconveniences can be gotten around.

I guess in the long run it is still better than buying a pretty-face for more or less the same price -- as long as this is the extent of its fails.

I am disappointed. And here I was really keen to get a Lenovo computer, too. We'll see - computer is entirely another category. *shrugs*

A good day to you :-)